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By | August 10, 2018

When you work for a London escort agency, you never know what assignment is going to come in through the door. Recently, I had the most unusual assignment of my career with Colchester escorts. A lady arranged to go for a date with me. She would not tell the reception what the date was all about, and I presumed that she may be bisexual. But she did not want to explore her bisexual side of her life at  all. Instead it turned out that she wanted to revenge herself on her cheating ex husband.


I told her to be careful, but as the divorce had gone through, she said that she had nothing to lose. Her husband had been cheating for a rather long time, and after she had received her financial settlement, she decided to do something about it. She was not the only lady he had cheated on, and she had got together with the other ex wives, and come up with a plan. As she was not receiving a long term financial settlement she had nothing to lose.


Calling Colchester escorts seemed like a funny move to me. That was before she explained to me what she wanted me to do. She was happy to pay me for a month, and during that time, I should make every effort to be the perfect Sugar Babe to her ex. I thought about it quickly and realized it could be an assignment which was right up my street. It sounded like a little bit of fun. Not only would I get paid, but I would also get to keep anything which I managed to get out of her husband.


Hooking up with her husband was no trouble at all. I found in the bar she had told me about, and before I knew it, he was coming on to me. The role I was playing was of this failed London model who was looking for a little bit of sugar to help her out. At no time, should I tell her ex that I worked for Colchester escorts. It was not hard to put on an act. This guy was lapping it up, and before I knew it, he was taking me shopping and doing his best to spoil me.


It was a completely new role for me, but as I had this guy to reduce his bank balance, I realized it was something that I could more often. It was a new feather in my cap, and I knew that the other girls at Colchester escorts had never been asked to do something like this. At the end of the month, I split up with the my new friend’s ex as instructed. This was the first time a woman had broken up with him. But from what I could tell, it did not do him any harm at all. He was totally taken back, and perhaps he had been taught a lesson. I had a little giggle, and realized that this could be something to get into. After all, I had been paid and even managed to get a new wardrobe out of it.

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