I have a crush on a date!

By | February 20, 2017

I am always asked about what I like about working for https://charlotteaction.org/eton-escorts Eton escorts. At first I always used to answer that I loved it because I used to get wined and dined without any personal commitment. That was fine until I got a crush one of the guys that I date at the agency. If someone were to ask me the same question now, I think that I would answer the question some what differently.

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The thing is that I have worked for various escort agencies since I first started in the business , but I have never had a crush on a guy before. But for some reason, I fell for this guy straight away. Not only was he very handsome, but he was a lot of fun to be with at the same time. As soon as I opened the door to my Eton escorts boudoir, I knew that there was something special about him. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his, and that was it.

I am not sure how many gents that I have dated at Eton escorts without falling for them, so it makes me wonder what happened this time. Tony and I have now become such good friends that you can almost call us a couple. The other day I went to Asda in Slough and happened o bump into him. We started to chat and ended up walking around the supermarket together. When I got back to my car, I soon realized that I had really enjoyed the experience. Honestly, I have never enjoyed walking around a supermarket before.

When Tony comes around, we always have tons of fun. He is into all sort of things so there is always something to look forward to on a date with Tony. I have had some dating experiences that I thought were special but nothing like with Tony. He can make a couple of hours fly by and by the end of our time together, I always wish that he would not leave. Honestly, he is the only date at Eton escorts that I feel that way about.

We are not suppose to have private relationships with our dates, but I am sorely tempted when it comes to Tony. He has asked me around to his place in the country several times. When he does not live in Eton, he likes to hang out in Wales. Most of my dates at Eton escorts are wealthy and brag about how much money they have. I have the feeling that Tony is wealthier than most but does not like to brag about it at all. From what I understand, he has a lovely second home in Wales and also another one in Oxford. If you can afford that, you have got some serious money. But do you know what, I don’t care about that at all. I just have a crush on the guy and every moment that I spend with him is precious.

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