Sexy Music With Edgware

A group of Edgware escorts recently wrote into us here at the London Escort Guide. The girls had decided to investigate the best music for the bedroom as many of us are not sure of what music to listen to in the bedroom. It is exactly quite true that there is some music that can turn us on more than other music, and there is certainly music which is better suited when it comes to making love or having sex.

Sexy Music With Edgware

Sexy Music With Edgware

I keep wondering if there is actually a difference when it comes to music to make love to or have sex to, what do you think?

The Edgware escorts thought that Marvine Gay’s Sexual Healing is one of the best tunes to have sex to. If you just fancy closing door, and going into the privacy of your own bedroom to have sex, this is a great song. I suppose the title says it all really, and on top of that the song has a certain sexy beat to it. Many of my girlfriends that I spoke to also thought it was the perfect song to have some great sex to, and that it turned them. After all, getting in the mood to have sex is very important as we all know.

The second song that the Edgware escorts offered up was Enya’s Orinoco Flow. This is not a song to have sex to but a song to make love to. I have not listened to it that often as Enya is not really my cup of tea, but having just listened to it, I can see what they mean. It is a very relaxing song, and I mights just turn it on tonight when we are chilling out together in the privacy of our bedroom. Let’s see if we can sail away together…

The third song picked by the Edgware escorts is “You take my breath away” by Berlin. You may remember it as part of the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise as the sexy fighter pilot. According to the girls this is the perfect song for both making love and having sex to so I suppose I had better try that as well sometime. I think they are right as it has a little bit of everything in it, and does give you that very special feeling of longing and feeling a bit hot and bothered at the same time. It is a really nice song actually.

I think the Edgware escorts are perfectly right. There are some song which can really put us in the mood, and make us want to make love or have sex. It is really quite funny how music can influence our mood, and make us feel in a certain way. I am going to try to find some more sexy music for you, and you are also welcome to come up with ideas. Who knows, together we might be able to come up with the sexiest songs and music from around the world of all time.


Painful Intercourse For Men And Women: Causes And Cures

20708Sex should not hurt; it is a pleasurable activity that people engage in for fun, to express love and to reproduce.

There are several reasons why sexual intercourse can be painful for men and women. Generally, the most common one would be infection. It can be a urinary tract infection that affects the bladder and urethra of males and females. Bacteria can enter the urethra through touching or improper wiping after a bowel movement. It is more common in women because of the shorter urethra and a more physically susceptible genital area. It causes burning during urination especially in women and sometimes in men, but can produce a feeling of fullness and urgency to urinate. These infections can also cause cloudy, pink or bloody urine. They must be treated with antibiotic by a physician.

Another common reason for painful intercourse would be a sexually transmitted disease. These are infections in the genitals that are transmitted via sex. These diseases include gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomonas. They can cause a burning or itching in the genital area of both men and women and also need to be treated by a physician. Men may be asymptomatic, but women usually experience some level of discomfort.

Vaginal yeast infections are very common in women. They are sometimes increased during hormonal changes such as the menstrual cycle or pregnancy. They can also occur after a round of antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection elsewhere in the body, such as a sinus or throat infection. The antibiotic kill off good bacteria in the vagina that help keep yeast in check. Yeast infections cause burning, itching or pain in the genital area. It is often accompanied by a white clumpy discharge. It should be first diagnosed by a physician and can be treated by over the counter creams or with a prescription anti-fungal oral tablet.

Trichomonas is a common sexually transmitted microorganism that is causes pain and itching. It, too, can be treated by a prescription medication and the woman’s partner should be treated as well, to avoid reinfection.

Bacterial vaginosis is another common infection in the vagina but it not necessarily sexually transmitted. This is often caused by a disruption of the vaginal flora in a similar way that antibiotic use can. However, like a yeast infection, this can be hormonally related and not uncommon in women who are menopausal or pregnant or menstruating. Bacterial vaginosis causes burning and pain during urination and intercourse and may be accompanied by a fishy odor and grayish discharge.

Any vaginal or penile pain needs to be checked by a physician. They will then perform a culture of any discharge to accurately diagnose and treat the condition. They will suggest ways to avoid reinfection, such as using condoms.

When no signs of infection are present, pelvic floor dysfunction may be the cause of genital pain. During menopause, the lack of estrogen can cause a thinning of the vaginal wall and this can be a cause of painful intercourse.

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