Sweet Revenge

By | August 24, 2018

I am not sure that all of my colleagues at London escorts would agree with me, but taking revenge when your boyfriend has cheated on you, might just make you feel better. Some of the girls I work with at outcall London escorts say that it is not healthy, but I certainly got a kink out of it. Not for one moment did I feel guilty or angry with myself like the girls said that I would do. As a matter of fact, I felt on top of the world. Fortunately for me, I date rather a lot of wealthy businessmen at London escorts. They are always going about what they can do for me.

That is anything from driving me home in their chauffeur driven Bentley to taking me shopping at London’s top stores. Dating or going out privately is not something London escorts should be doing, but I decided to risk it in order to revenge myself on my boyfriend. When I first heard my boyfriend had cheated on me with a girl from another London escorts service, I was furious. We went living together but as my friends at London escorts knew, I was still rather committed to this guy. He seemed to accept my lifestyle and did not seem to be hung up about it all.

What I had done without my knowledge was to create a little bit of a monster. I had introduced to London escorts and now he simply could not get enough of escorts.Anyway, I put my plans into action. One of the first things I did was to get one of my dates, Daniel, to drive me home in his Bentley. I knew that my ex was often hanging out in this local pub, and I made sure that he could see me. I used to wind down the window a little bit, and try to spot him. If I did, I just smiled and waved at him. Poor Daniel did not have a clue what was going on, and to keep him sweet, I committed the ultimate London escorts sin – I invited him up for a Bailey’s so that he would sleep better. Then there was Jonathan. He run this company in Canary Wharf and did not have the time for personal relationships.

Instead he dated London escorts and he seemed to like me the best out of all of the London escorts he dated. Jonathan always asked if he could take me shopping as a special treat, but I never let him. But, when I stopped and thought about it, it was the perfect revenge.

My ex had always claimed that he was skint and could could not afford to buy me anything. Well, I made sure that he saw me more or less falling out of Jonathan’s car with all of my shopping bags. Now when I see him, he seems a change person, and I did end up telling me that he was not really my sort of guy. That really upset him!

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